Who can join?

Pack 46 serves children grades K-5 from Butterfield and Root Elementary Schools in Fayetteville, AR. However, we welcome members from other schools and even other towns in the region.

  • Lions - Lion Cub Scouts is for boys and girls who are in the Kindergarten or are 6 years old and their adult guardians.
  • Tigers - Tiger Cub Scouts is for boys and girls who are in the 1st grade or are 7 years old and their adult partners.
  • Wolves - Wolf Cub Scouts is for boys and girls who are in the 2nd grade or are 8 years old.
  • Bears - Bear Cub Scouts is for boys and girls who are in the 3rd grade or are 9 years old.
  • Webelos I (We Be Loyal Scouts) - Webelos I is for boys and girls who are in the 4th grade or are 10 years old.
  • Webelos II (Arrow of Light) - The second year of Webelos Scouts is for boys and girls who are in the 5th grade or are 11 years old.

What do we do?

We camp, hike, fish, and swim while teaching responsibility, independence, and safety. We start with the simple things like asking our scouts to wash their own dishes when camping. When your Cub Scout moves on to Scouting they will be ready to plan and lead their own activities.

What about parents while they are still cubs?

Cub Scouts is a family adventure run by parents. Families are encouraged to participate and help with activities. For the younger ranks (Lions and Tigers), parents are required to attend all events with their scouts.

Who are the leaders?

All of our leaders are parents. As scouts move on, we have a need for new leaders every year. Registered Den and Pack Leaders must pass BSA background checks and complete online training. Please consider helping by becoming a den leader, assistant den leader or by accepting a position on the Pack Committee (chair, treasurer, membership, secretary, etc.).

What does it cost?

National Dues & Insurance: $40 / year

Pack 46 (pays for awards): $8 / year

Optional Boys Life Magazine: $12 / year.

Uniforms: Please visit our Uniforms page for details.

Camping: $8/person with a maximum of $32 per family. This covers all the costs for all meals provided when camping.

  • If the cost is an issue for your family, please let us know. There are ways for scouts to earn their way such as popcorn sales.

Are you ready to join Pack 46?

If you are ready to join or have questions let us know with the Contact Us form.

You can also sign up on BSA's national website, but keep in mind they only collect the National Dues & Insurance: